I’ve read your entire website looking for a good leather cleaner, conditioner. I was impressed with what I read about the product – but then I read “About Us” and knew that this was the company/product for me. I look forward to getting my Leather Only product and using it. God Bless You. – Janie

Product goes on effortlessly, and has the great scent of brand new leather. – Jason Ray

This is a great product. I’ve used it for years on my Harley! – Pete Villa

I love the smell of leather. Most of my purses and gloves are leather and the interior of our car is leather. We purchased this leather cleaner at the dealership when we picked up our car. This is a great cleaner. It cleans, conditions and protects at one time. This cleaner is to be applied monthly. Squeeze the cleaner onto a white cloth rather than directly on the area to be cleaned. We don’t like to use any type cleaners in the car that might detract from that leather smell and I was a bit concerned that the smell might be more chemical than we like. I needn’t have been concerned. After cleaning the seats and putting the car away for the night, the next day I opened the door and the inside still smells exactly as it smelled the day we picked up the car. The only difference is that the interior is now conditioned and protected. With the summer heat so intense, it is very necessary to protect the interior from the elements. Highly recommended. – Dawna

Got your product at Maida’s.  Love it and God bless you for your witness and patriotism. – Christopher Sharkey

I was considering having new leather put in my Laramie Longhorn due to the wear. I used Leather Only this past weekend and it looks completely restored!!! Thanks!! – Matt Wells

I could not understand how a car could look and sell so great.  It was your special treatment and it is the best. I will be ordering some soon to keep the interior not only great, but smelling  surpurb. – Mathis Chappell

I have been using Leather Only for almost eight years and has been a great product. I first saw the advertisement at a car dealership waiting room, I went on their web site and the rest is history. I started off only using it on my car’s seats but soon realized that it works wonders on by sofas also. It is an all in one product and so easy to use. I have not used any other product since. I truly love Leather Only and I do recommend it to everyone I know.  – Greg Ball

This product is absolutely wonderful. I have been using it for several years now and will use nothing else to clean my furniture and purses. The leather smell is great. Love it when I use it on my car upholstery- the leather smell lingers for quite some time – gives it that new car smell. I have told my friends and now they use it too. The best leather cleaner ever! – Bonnie Wright