Dear Prospective Customer,

Here at Leather Only, we recognize that time is one of your most valuable assets. We would like to thank you in advanced for taking a minute to read this short letter.

Leather Only is a one step, 3 in 1 leather cleaner, conditioner, and protector that really works! It is Eco-friendly and made from the finest ingredients available today. It has no harsh detergent or petroleum based ingredients, and does a superior job in maintaining the manufacturers original coatings (especially on automobile leather). When used on older leather, Leather Only will clean, condition, and replace the clear protective coating that has worn off over the years. It is easy to use- squeeze a quarter size amount onto a white cloth and rub it in till it disappears. That’s it! You can sit on your leather immediately.

Leather Only is sold by hundreds of Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota, and Ford dealerships across the United States.

Our journey to make Leather Only the finest leather maintenance product on the market today started over 30 years ago. Beginning our research at the Leather Research Laboratory in the Department of Agriculture, we were sent to The Smithsonian Institute where we were introduced to their foremost scientist in leather maintenance and restoration. Our goal will always be to keep Leather Only the finest one-step cleaner, conditioner, and Protector out there.

We are constantly using and improving Leather Only on a daily basis in our sister company, Total Leather Care. We clean, condition, and protect all types of leather, making sure that it is performing to the highest standard.

Although we believe that Leather Only is a great product, what matters to us most is what you think about Leather Only. If you would like for us to send you a free sample of Leather Only for you to try, please leave your information in the boxes below, and feel free to click the link to be directed to more information and a few videos about Leather Only.


Thank You,

Leather Only, Inc.