Cleans, Conditions, and Protects in One Easy Step.

Cleaning leather can be confusing. Just look on the web and you can find as many different ways to clean leather as there are web sites about leather. Everyone has an opinion about how you should clean leather and then claim that their way is the best way. Some want you to vacuum your leather, others want you to steam clean it. Some say you have to use oil, and others say waxing your leather is the only way. Others want to clean with soap, while some think vinegar is the answer. They say there are different steps that must be followed and that you should be careful what type of leather you put their product on. Then they proceed to make everything more confusing by trying to explain the types of leather.

Leather Only has been cleaning conditioning & protecting fine leather for over 20 years. It was developed to meet our customers needs and to keep the cleaning process simple, simple, simple. Many products require 2 and 3 steps, buckets, sponges, and time between steps; Then you have to wait a little longer before you can use your leather.

Leather Only will clean leather, condition leather and protect leather in minutes; All in one easy step. You can use your leather immediately,

For 25 years we have been working in customers homes repairing and cleaning leather furniture. Nine times out of ten our customer would ask us,” What do I use for cleaning leather furniture? What kind of leather treatment should I use on my car leather?” Twenty five years ago we couldn’t answer their questions.

Our quest took us to the Department of Agriculture and to The Smithsonian Institute to discover what makes a great leather cleaner, conditioner and protector. THE REST IS HISTORY!

Leather Only was born out of our customers need for a product that would make cleaning leather simple. Since Leather Only began we have been growing and improving our product at every opportunity. We believe Leather Only is the best one step leather care product on the market today. Here at Leather Only, cleaning leather is what we do.

Leather Only is the ONLY leather cleaner you will ever need!

It is my desire as president of Leather Only to take the mystery out of leather care, because cleaning leather should be simple and understandable. Not confusing and difficult. What ever type of leather you may have, we have cleaned it or repaired it over the last 25 years. We understand leather and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit with us.
Cecil D. Nidever
President of Leather Only Inc.
Houston, Texas