• Should I use products with oil on my leather?
    No. Leather has a clear coat and and a color coat on top of the leather, just like the metal on your car. Would you believe me if I said I could condition the metal on your car? You would’t believe me because you know the metal on your car has a clear coat and a color coat on top of the metal. I would have to damage these coatings to get down to the metal on your car. Your leather has two coating on top of it and oil damages the coatings and makes them sticky. Leather can only be oiled from the back side. You need to keep the factory coatings on your leather in good shape. You should not use products with petrolem, silicones or oils.
  • Can I clean leather with soap?
    No. Soaps damage leather because thier PH is 9,10,11 on the PH scale. Leather is 4.5 (Acid) on ther PH scale. If you clean with soap you damage the tanning process and begin to destroy your leather. You must clean with a product that is PH balanced to you leather.
  • Why do I need to clean my leather and how often?
    Leather needs to be cleanned because it builds up soil, clothig dye, oils from our hands, hair, and legs as we use our leather furniture. How often you should clean depends on how much you use your leather furniture. We suggest you start by cleanning once a month with a white cloth. If the cloth comes away clean, then clean less often. If the cloth comes away soiled then clean more often.
  • Why is my leather dark where my hands and head rests?
    If you have had your leather furniture for longer than 3 months and you are beginning to see that the leather is darkening where your hands or head goes this is caused from body oils. If you scratch the area with your finger nail and it lightens up it is body oil. This needs to be professionally removed. A good cleaner will not clean the oil out but will keep it from getting any worse.
  • What should I use to clean, condition and protect my leather?
    This is a loaded question. But the answer is? Leather Only! It will clean your leather without using soaps and protect your leather without damaging the coatings on your leather. Last but not least it also has a conditioner that makes your leather feel nice.s a loaded question. But the answer is?

Leather Only was used to clean the left side of this seat cushion. Notice how the color brightens and the dirt can be seen on the right side.

We have cleaned some of the most luxurious designer peices in the world